The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled.


Deeper Richer is a creative studio that designs and creates high impact learning experiences, content and products.

Collaboration is at the heart of our process, and we thrive in the messy early stages of a project – always interrogating, experimenting, and re-imagining what’s possible. But we also love to oversee projects from start to finish, and bring bold ideas to life.

Our clients say we’re smart, strategic and playful. They like us because we challenge traditional thinking.


Working at the intersection of learning, story and technology, we’re obsessed with finding new ways to provoke meaningful engagement and elicit authentic emotional responses - across all types of learning experiences.

We’re also passionate believers in building teams to meet the specific needs and demands of a project, and have an incredibly talented and experienced network of collaborators who have worked with us for many years. This approach ensures that we’re always nimble enough to deliver the very best ideas and solutions.

Our unique offering covers learning design, digital media design, interactive design, game design, technical development and content production. We also provide:

  • A deep understanding of the ever-changing learning landscape, and how new technologies are facilitating a dramatic shift in the way learners consume and experience education.
  • Thought-leading insights on the way young people use and engage with immersive and interactive digital technologies.
  • A distinctive development approach, based on a Design Thinking methodology and a clear understanding of the way meaningful learning occurs in different contexts.
  • A long history of creating award-winning content and experiences that bridge the digital and physical worlds and connect with audiences across multiple platforms.


We work with some incredible companies and organisations on projects that inspire, motivate and educate a wide range of audiences.


Daniel and Duncan first crossed paths at university when they joined forces for an idealistic (and ultimately thwarted) campaign to be elected as editors of the student newspaper. Many years later they joined forces again to co-found Deeper Richer.

Duncan Imberger
Executive Producer

Following a very brief stint as a lawyer, Duncan has spent the last 17 years working in the arts, publishing and screen sectors.

His decision to co-found Deeper Richer was sparked by a strong emerging interest in the overlapping worlds of learning, story and technology. Duncan’s previous experience includes running a production company that made branded entertainment, online films, commercials, animation and documentaries for a diverse range of clients. He has also created and produced a number of broadcast projects for ABC TV, including an animated history series called Australian Encounters.

Daniel Donahoo
Learning Producer

A learning producer and technologist, Daniel has spent more than 15 years creating tools and programs to support the development of young people.

During this time he has established a reputation as a leading authority on the way children use and engage with technology. The author of two books, Idolising Children (UNSW Press, 2007) and Adproofing Your Kids (Finch, 2009), he has appeared on television, radio, and at conferences across the country – talking about children, media, technology and the future.

Our Collaborators

We have an incredibly talented team of regular collaborators, with a unique blend of creative, technical and learning design capabilities – underpinning our ability to deliver high impact experiences for all types of learners.

Scott Ashton
Technologist (Lost in the Machine)

Scott Ashton is a digital creative, offering expertise in the hugely exciting but ever-changing creative-technical space. He honed his skills during 15 years working in the games industry, and in 2011 founded Lost In The Machine – a technical design consultancy specialising in AR, VR, and graphical applications.

Jess McCulloch
Educator / Storyteller

Jess teaches Chinese to teenagers by day and pursues even more creative endeavours by night. She loves the way a great story can wriggle its way into our hearts and minds – and works with us to explore how transmedia storytelling can be built into learning design. She’s also completing a Master in Design Futures at RMIT.

Cara Tune
Graphic Design & Illustration

Cara’s professional career began hot on the heels of her graduation from the CATC Design School, where she received the esteemed Square Peg Award, celebrating “those who tirelessly search for the big idea, and the most creative outcome”. She believes good design is not only a finite result, but also a rich form of human connection.

Ed Meyler
Videographer (Video Element)

Ed is our go-to videographer. Highly creative and super reliable, he’s been helping us bring our ideas to life for many years now, working across a range of different projects, including studio shoots, interviews, live action, live streaming and mixed media.

Natalie Leys
Graphic Design (Jump Rope Design)

Natalie specialises in positive and conceptual design solutions. Focusing on clear communication and efficient project management, she clearly loves what she does, and her enthusiasm and dedication to her craft are reflected in every project she delivers – large and small. The results are always dynamic.

Tim Anderson-Bonsor
Developer (The Canary Studio)

Tim developed a deep love for the web as soon as he kicked off his first Alta-Vista search back in the 1990s, and was immediately drawn to figuring out how it worked, and to building websites. He handles a lot of our front-end web development and design.

Ben Smith
Smith Industrial Design

Ben Smith is an industrial designer and the founder of Smith Industrial Design. With more than 15 years of experience working for many of Australia’s leading cultural and educational institutions – across industrial, interactive and exhibition design – his attention to detail is second to none.

Scarlette Baccini

Scarlette is a highly talented scientific and educational illustrator, working across textbooks, instructional videos, science websites, and children’s books. In her spare time, she is undertaking a Masters in Teaching, and authors an ongoing comic book series, called Zombolette.

Ben Hutchings
Squishface Comic Studio

Ben is the quirky Director of Squishface Comic Studio, and has worked as a professional comic and illustrator for 15 years. His experience ranges from a decade of computer game and television animation, to coin design for the Royal Australian mint, and hundreds of published comic strips.


Their innovative approach and ability to design fun games with underlying educational content was exemplary.

Lisa Norris
They understand the fast-changing learning landscape, and are driven to deliver highly ambitious and engaging experiences.
Annabel Astbury
Deeper Richer were the right team to work with because of their extensive experience working in education, and our complementary skills. We have incredible content, and they have the skills to help us share it in the most exciting way. It has been a brilliant experience and we can’t wait to work with them again.
Joanna Erskine

Let’s reimagine learning together.

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