Project T-34

A Deeper Richer Project

Transmedia Learning Adventure

‍We received a very exciting brief from a Melbourne based school to create an innovative Year 9 Science unit, based on a theme of “war”.

The aims of the project are to create a best-practice example of innovative science teaching through the use of digital technology; to stimulate greater engagement with and understanding of science curriculum through narrative; and to engage students in self-directed scientific inquiry.

Our response to the brief is Project T-34 – a transmedia learning adventure / alternate reality game. Presented in five acts and across ten weeks, it’s an immersive story driven learning experience that plays out across multiple platforms – including live events, video, web portals, online, social media, augmented reality, smart phones and printed materials. The key protagonists in the story are a little-known global outfit called Project T-34, charged with ensuring the long-term sustainability of the human race, and a shadowy group of people called the Bohr Collective. Watch this space!


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