Road To Zero

TAC & Melbourne Museum

Multimedia Design & Development

In August 2018, the TAC opened a groundbreaking road safety education complex, called Road To Zero, at the Melbourne Museum. The new permanent exhibit engages young people, their families and the broader Victorian community in an innovative educational experience that showcases and reinforces the goals of Victoria’s Towards Zero strategy.

Our job is to design, plan, develop and deliver a companion outreach program, for students who are unable to attend the complex either as a result of distance or special needs. The brief requires us to identify a range of creative digital solutions capable of delivering a similarly engaging and empowering experience in a mobile regional / rural context – where we can’t rely on broadband or any technology support, and everything needs to fit inside a large van.

Our solution involves a highly immersive device driven approach that offers students agency and control over their learning, and mirrors the learning outcomes of the Melbourne Museum experience. The program design includes a large bespoke video wall (Onboarding), six interactive stations employing a range of creative digital technologies, including VR and AR (the Experience Space), and a number of hands-on collaborative design tasks (the Create Space).

Road To Zero is a very exciting creative / technical challenge for us, and a wonderful opportunity to motivate young people to explore how we can work together as a community to achieve zero road deaths. It has also provided us with the chance to work with a range of new collaborators – including technologists and industrial designers. The Outreach Program will be launched in early 2019.


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